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Earth Care

Caring for the living soil

To support the recovery of the air and water, and to contribute food for communities, planting more trees is essential. Doing so also supports indigenous traditions, sacred trees, medicine, and cultural preservation, helping us to reconnect with our roots and the earth. Taking care of the soil we live on is equally important, as it is home to many macro- and microorganisms and all living beings. By returning carbon, nutrients, and minerals to the earth, we can maximize the carbon and biomass in the soil, which holds the earth, absorbs water, and provides nutrients and minerals.


In today's society, we have put less carbon in the ground and more into the air. At Ani Shinan, we aim to maximize the carbon and biomass in the soil, which contains ¾ of the carbon.


 We acknowledge soil as a living being, making it vital to nourish and provide it with the nutrition it needs to grow, be healthy, and fertile.


In Ani Shinan, we stand for the rights of all living beings and have a vision of transcending into Biocracy. This aligns actions with morality and respect for nature. We honor the earth as a living being with the wisdom of our ancestors who once lived respecting all living beings.


In Biocracy, everything has a voice, including water, mountains, rivers, forests, plants, and animals, and nature has the right to integral respect for its existence and regeneration cycle.

Kene Bari has created a compost system to ensure that food waste from guests and residents goes back to the earth through the banana circle, a functional system that provides good compost for plants and bananas. 

The plants, trees, and water are handled with respect, and pruning is done in a way that does not harm them and using pruning strategies where they're not left with wounds.

We keep our trees in the forest without cutting them, giving them the right to live their whole cycle. 

Guests use biodegradable products, homemade soap, and water with awareness, and the water is reused in banana circles.

We ask a golden question before making an action that interferes with nature: "Is the action for the good of nature or us?" The answer must be for nature, as what is good for nature is good for us.


Our actions are based on love, which we believe is the force that gives birth to life. Thus, we love everything around us and support life to thrive. It is an honor for us at Ani Shinan to be in service for the spirit of nature.


Irake! Mai!

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