There are three different programs that you can follow while on Ani Shinan: Workshops, «On your own» and Dietas.

We invite you to Ani Shinan to leave behind your ordinary world and adventure to Pucallpa, Peru for an immersive 11 Day Ayahuasca journey with the Shipibo and under the guidance of Western healers.

Our 11 Day Shipibo Warrior Ayahuasca Workshops are for the Spiritual Warriors out there that have a strong desire to work on themselves in the Amazon Rainforest, the birthplace of Mother Ayahuasca, while also being supported by a like-minded group of individuals (max 10 people) with a growth mindset toward life.

It is a very intense time of healing and growth. You will benefit from your own learnings but also from other people’s insights. We work hard on ourselves and have fun doing it.


For this reason, we call this program a WORKshop instead of a retreat. It will be WORK, and your higher self will love you for having the courage to do the WORK.

This is a special opportunity to come together to collectively expand our consciousness and heal our planet by healing ourselves in our sacred plant medicine center located in the lungs of the world.

Give yourself a chance to face your shadow, find your inner wisdom, and take back your life in our majestic maloca!

Workshop Calendar 2020

Workshop from July 12 to July 23 2020

Workshop from July 26 to August 6 2020

Workshop from August 9 to August 20 2020

Workshop from August 23 to September 3 2020

Workshop from September 6 to September 17 2020

Workshop from September 20 to October 1 2020

Workshop from October 4 to October 15 2020


- 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies led by our Shipibo healers
- 3 Group Integration Circles
- Supervision by experienced shamanic teachers in English and German
- Daily guided workouts and yoga
- Lodging and meals at Ani Shinan
- 2 Flower Baths for energetic cleansing
- Tour of Medicinal Plants and Trees
- Shipibo Market (handcrafted souvenirs from the tribe - bring extra cash)
- Daily Massages (except Sundays)
- Laundry service
- Transfers between Pucallpa and Ani Shinan
- 1 Hour Pre-Ani Shinan Call


- Experience the authentic Amazonian traditions of the Shipibo healers
- Cleanse your your mind, body, and spirit
- Relax and recharge your energy
- Discover your true purpose
- Learn how to love yourself fully
- Let go of any self limiting beliefs
- Release your inner power
- Find inner peace and stillness
- Grow mentally and spiritually stronger
- Unplug from your normal life
- Reconnect and realign with the beauty of nature
- Evolve collectively with a tribe of Spiritual Warriors


PRICE: $1,760 USD



The price includes accommodation and scheduled activities while on our land, everything before and after Ani Shinan is not covered.

If you would like to come to Ani Shinan a few days before the beginning of the Workshop or stay a few days longer, you can add those extra days to your stay by paying $160 per night.

We have a limit of 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE for each of our workshop dates this year, so make sure to sign up before we run out of space.

If you feel called to experience the magic of Ayahuasca in the Amazon rainforest, contact me (Marco Fischer) via WhatsApp at +41 78 628 86 19 or via It would be my pleasure to plan your individual stay with you.


Please transfer the total amount to the following account before the workshop starts.

(Foreign) payment via Bank Transfer (TransferWise) in US Dollar:

US-Account: 8310373781

'Routing'-Number: 026073150 (for payments from outside the USA for ex. Swiss visitors)

'Wire'-Number: 026073008 (for payments within the USA for ex. for visitors from the US)
Recipient bank: Community Federal Savings Bank, 11421 New York, USA
Recipient: Marco Ralph Fischer, 6313 Edlibach, Switzerland

You will receive your individual program after you have sent us your landing date/time in Pucallpa and the name of the airline. We also need your departure date/time from Pucallpa. Please send us the dates to as soon as you have booked your flights.

The length of stay agreed upon during the Pre-Ani Shinan call and noted in the individual program must be adhered to. There is no refund in case of early departure. The individual program can be extended but not shortened. The full amount must be paid before your Ani Shinan stay.


Important: Start your preparation at least five days before coming to Ani Shinan!