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After leaving Ani Shinan you are not done with the work ;)  Continue with the dieta recommendations for at least 3 days and let the new energetic pattern sink in deeply. 



Integrating your learnings is quite important for your personal development. What you have experienced should enrich your life practice step by step. You can discuss this topic with our facilitators on site. 

Connect to and share your experiences and thoughts with like-minded people. Make contact with our facilitators and don't hesitate to get in touch with them via WhatsApp if any questions arise about integration after your Ani Shinan stay. You can also reach us via


At the end of your stay at Ani Shinan, you will be given a quality form so we can see where we can improve. Thank you for filling it out and handing it to our facilitators. 


If you want to continue your journey after Ani Shinan, we can recommend  the Cuzco region.

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