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Here some practical information prior to your trip:

How to get there and where to meet us?

  • From Lima you have to book a domestic flight to Pucallpa. Latam is the most reliable option to fly to PCL.

  • Depending on your arrival time you might have to spend the night in Pucallpa. In this case we suggest you book the Hotel Manish just 5 minutes away from the airport. Announce yourself as guest of Ani Shinan to get the best rates.

  • Meeting point is Hotel Manish at noon (12:00). We will then drive together to Ani Shinan.

How to prepare myself?

3 days prior to your arrival at Ani Shinan you have to follow some dietary rules that can be discussed during our Pre-Ani Shinan call:

  • eat as light as possible and avoid pork meat whatsoever

  • already implement some smoothie days

  • do not take any drugs and medication

  • do not drink alcohol

  • no sex, including masturbation

  • a bowel cleansing before the retreat as well as strength and endurance training is highly recommended.

What to bring?

  • your big smile!

  • your Warrior Spirit ;)

  • 1 water bottle. 1 liter is sufficient

  • Personal toiletries, including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, razors, for ladies instead of tampons we suggest to bring a sustainable menstrual cup. You should bring only natural plant based products as no chemicals on the body are allowed during your work with Ayahuasca

  • Eco-friendly sunscreen

  • Flashlight for use outside of ceremony. Headlamps work very well for reading at night

  • A dim flashlight with a red light for use in ceremony. Choose something you can easily shield with your fingers. This could be the same light you use for outside. 

  • T-shirts and shorts for hot weather and for working out

  • Bathing suit for flower baths and swimming in our pond

  • Long comfortable pants to wear in ceremony, along with a light sweater. Feeling cold is a common effect of ayahuasca

  • Hat for protection from sun

  • Rain garments

  • Sandals or other shoes easy to take off

  • Comfortable closed shoes for jungle walks - sport shoes work well. Heavy hiking boots are not needed

  • Journal and pens for writing or art supplies for drawing

  • Books to read (though we have some at the center)

  • Ear plugs for sleeping is case you think the jungle noises could bother your sleep

  • Extra batteries for your flashlight and camera and phone

  • Zip-lock plastic bag (to protect cameras, films, batteries, travel documents, etc. from humidity)

  • 1500 Nuevo Soles (PEN) to maybe buy Shipibo handicraft and gifts. Try to get small bills if possible. You may exchange money in the Lima or Pucallpa airport (best currency to exchange is US $). You may also get Soles directly from cash machines

  • No vaccination needed! 

  • White Tiger Balm can be a useful remedy for mosquito bites, headaches, congestion of the nose                                

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