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If you feel called to support Ani Shinan with a financial contribution - any amount will flow fully and directly into the center's projects and maintenance and into the evolution of the permaculture garden.



For donations, you can use the following bank details:


IBAN: CH45 0070 0114 8069 2413 8

For donations from Switzerland, you can use this QR for TWINT transfers.



If you are motivated to support Ani Shinan with your work, we sometimes have volunteering positions available. 


As a volunteer, you will be working closely with our local staff, dedicating your time, energy, skills and knowledge to  various projects and to the daily business on the land.

Let us know via the application form about your motivation, skills, experience, commitment, availability.

One weekly ceremony is included in the volunteer fee. The primary focus of a volunteer stay, however, are the daily projects and tasks. Learning and growing is happening on the level of being immersed in the environment and the transformative effects of contribution.


If you feel called for this experience, we are happy to hear from you via the application form. 

(Come back soon, it will be uploaded shortly) :)

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