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True Shamanic journeys offer us the opportunity to go deeper inside ourselves than we ever thought possible, to discover inner resources that we could only hope or imagine lie within, to expose the roots of addictions and transcend self limiting beliefs and concepts.


When working with Amazonian plant medicine we are often required by the teacher plants to face our past traumas and inner shadows and to draw upon our deepest courage as we turn the light of awareness into those places that we often fear to Iook. Ayahuasca helps us directly experience our inner world and see with absolute clarity those things that no Ionger serve us and to discover ways to transform them. The ceremonies can be challenging as we are forced to change our perspective on events in our lives.


lt is important to understand that Ayahuasca is medicine. lt is a shamanic brew that enables us to connect directly with the spirit world in a safe way. Also known as "La Purga" the medicine cleanses through purging accumulated physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual toxins from our bodies and facilitates the recognition and transformation of false concepts and identities (ego) that temporarily obscure our true nature. lt is not about gaining new concepts but deconstructing the false identity so that our true nature may be revealed.


Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful and well-known natural entheogens known to man. lt should always be approached with absolute respect and caution. Approached in this way while following the clear guidelines of the traditional dieta it is a unique tool for self exploration and has the potential to bring profound and Iasting transformation.


lt has been the subject of a series of scientific investigations which have proven that the physiological effect of Ayahuasca in the human body does not cause toxicity and consumption within a controlled context shows no side-effect, is not addictive and it does not produce any Iasting withdrawal syndromes.

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