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The Master Plants

Powerful Healers an Teachers

Working with a Master Plant in a dieta will put you on a process of learning from their wisdom and knowledge. Some plants are known to have specific qualities, heart opening, heart healing, protection, tranquility of the mind, strength; mainly though they have a broad spectrum of teachings that will be offered to you if you put in the necessary respect, appreciation, openness and discipline. It is a process, and this process is different for everyone. With many, it already starts before they enter the dieta. This can be subtle, or with obvious signs. Some people already feel a call to work with a certain Master Plant, often we find out in consultation with the Shamans what plant will be chosen for the diet.

Additional Plant Treatments

Sometimes, during a dieta process, physical or mental issues come up that the Shamans see fit to be treated with additional remedies from the Amazon's natural pharmacy.

If you feel the call to do a Master Plant Dieta with us, get in touch with us to plan your stay. You can contact us via  WhatsApp +41 78 759 70 12 (Franziska) or via e-mail

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