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Nature loves courage!

At Ani Shinan we view nature as a powerful force that will put you on your authentic path. Nature rewards those that are brave enough to step outside their comfort zone and start on their journey of self exploration… Choose courage!!.


We believe through a concept that we call wholing (cultivation of wholeness of being) that we can raise our awareness and experience different levels of consciousness. 



Let’s heal ourselves to heal the world!

Ani Shinan, which means Great Spirit or great inner strength, is a center for spiritual evolution located in the Peruvian Amazon, for people who want to truly transform themselves. We welcome guests from all over the world to experience the authentic traditions of Ayahuasca and other teacher plants and trees which have been practiced for many generations by the Shipibo people.


Our goal at Ani Shinan is to help people live a happier life, preserve the Shipibo culture, keeping their knowledge of the Teacher Trees alive, as well as protecting the rainforest.


Honesty, Honor, Humility & Humor and Reciprocity are values that inspire us to give our best to achieve those goals.

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