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Master Plant Dieta


Deep dive into the Shamanic healing traditions of the Shipibo while dieting a Master Plant for three weeks. Master Plants are powerful holistic healers and a Dieta a real test of your virtues. It  is a symbiosis between grandmother Ayahuasca and a Teacher Plant. When dietetd well, you will receive deep healing and transformation and you will learn a lot about yourself and the world.

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have used plants to heal the body - to fight infections, to calm digestion, to strengthen and cleanse blood and organs, to calm the nervous system, and so on. Shamanic peoples around the world understand that plants are not only simple, unconscious beings with limited intelligence, but rather highly developed, sentient spirits that carry immense wisdom, power and gifts of healing within them. The respective Teacher Plant will help you recognize upcoming developmental steps and then force you to master them. Through this process you will grow into a holistic center, you will swing higher, and you will feel cleared, strengthened and grounded.

The Shipibo have never forgotten that we humans, together with all other living beings on earth, are members of a great network of consciousness - Mother Earth or Pachamama. The secrets of how to connect energetically and spiritually with the living intelligence or consciousness through Teacher Plant Dietas have been guarded by the Shipibo for thousands of years and passed on to the next generation.

During the Dieta, the experienced Maestros/-as work your inner energetic landscape by removing blocked energies and impurities from your system. They use their own relationships to the Master Plant Spirits and invite the respective Plant Spirit into the inner world of the dieter. In this inner "soil", a kind of energetic "seed" is planted, which serves the union of human and plant consciousness. In order to make the soil fertile and to keep it, on Ani Shinan the dieter has to strictly follow certain rules during the Dieta period  concerning food intake and behavior.


If this is done well with solid concentration and discipline, the seedling can grow energetically and blossom, which will lead to surprising shifts in the subconsciousness. By recognizing and integrating individual - previously unconscious - parts, one experiences a new joyful, meaningful existence and sense of well-being.


  • Ceremonial opening and closing of the Shamanic Master Plant Dieta 

  • Vomitivo on the first morning 

  • 8 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Flower Baths

  • Massages

  • Talking Circles

  • Process support by experienced facilitators (EN / DE / ESP / FR)

  • Jungle Walk (Tour of Medicinal Plants and Trees of the Jungle)

  • Accomodation in Private Tambo

  • All meals (special diet)

  • Additional treatment with other plants according to the Shamans' diagnosis

  • Shipibo Market (handcrafted souvenirs from the tribe - bring extra cash)

  • Laundry service

  • Transfer between Pucallpa and Ani Shinan

  • 1 Hour Pre-Ani Shinan Call & Programm

A detailed schedule of the program will be sent out after the final booking to all participants.

The length of stay is mandatory and must be adhered to to savely complete a Plant Dieta. In case of early departure, the Shamans will have to close the Dieta in ceremony before your leave for protection. 


We will choose your teacher plant in consultation with you and the Shamans. Sometimes people get a call from a plant , but in most cases it will be figured out during our call or or in consultation with our Shipibo Doctors. Rest assured that it will be the right choice and will bring you the most benefits at this point of your life. 


We often work with: Marosa, Bobinsana, Piñon Colorado, Tanti Rao, Uña de Gato. Next to your teacher plant and Ayahuasca, there are other plants that may be prepared by the Shamans if some issue arises or if they see a blockage in the body in ceremony. They might be given in the form of a tea, a steam, or external application. 



To complete a Dieta, it is necessary to dedicate an extended amount of time to the the relationship with the chosen plant. The plant spirit needs this investment to go into symbiosis with grandmother Ayahuasca and with you. During this time, it will build up the energetic protection to become a lifelong ally on your path. We offer Plant Dietas for the defined length of three weeks each.  It is possible to extend the Plant Dieta and make the booking for the two consecutive Dieta Windows from June 24 to August 3, 2024, thus dieting a plant for a total of 6 weeks.

For those who find this a long time, keep in mind that when Shamans undergo their training with Master Plants, it is ususally for seveal months that they enter a dieta with a plant or tree, some even last for a year or longer. As for many of you it is not possible to spend several months in the jungle, we have created these Dieta Windows of three weeks. When dieted with dedication and discipline, this amount of time also opens the path to much healing, learning and growing.



On Ani Shinan, you will find a caring atmosphere that encourages you to gather your strength and step into life with all that you are. We invite and cultivate a warrior spirit on our land. Your process will ask a lot from you, but what you put in, you will get back. We keep the balance of independent self-work and care when needed. You will be guided by the Teacher Plants, the facilitators and of course the Shipibo healers, with their deep healing knowledge. You will also find a lot of time for integration, introspection, learning icaros, regeneration and relaxation, and just enjoying nature, life, being. 

In the first Talking Circle, the Shamans will learn of the participants' situation; their health, intention and history. In the circles following, participants can share their process and ask questions. During the whole dieta, we will be in continuous consultation with the Shamans.


Our Facilitators speak English, German,  Spanish and French. Our indigenous community speaks Shipibo and Spanish, and they are very good at understanding your needs. Give yourself the chance to dive into their culture and let go of your own societal conditioning. You will live in your own private jungle hut in the rainforest and you will love it!

Before your stay, we will provide you with all the essential information to prepare you for your process.​​



19 nights, everything included once you are on Ani Shinan except personal purchases (e.g. Shipibo handcrafts, Agua Florida, Mapacho, ...)

$ 3'240  in the Small Tambo (8 available)

$ 3'670 in the Big Tambo (2 available)

The Big Tambo has its own private shower plus a spacious, mosquito proof terrace.

The Small Tambo also has its private netted terrace, only smaller. Showers in the big Bathhouse. 

The full amount must be paid before your stay at Ani Shinan and there is no refund in cases of early departure.


If you feel the call to do a Master Plant Dieta on Ani Shinan, get in touch with us to plan your stay. You can contact us via WhatsApp +41 78 759 70 12 (Franziska) or via e-mail

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