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Ani Shinan is the fruit of a friendship between two brothers from Switzerland and the members of the Shipibo tribe from Peru. ln April 2009 they travelled to lquitos where they first met Maestro Oracio and other Shipibo healers in the Peruvian Amazon. For the two brothers, this was the start of a great adventure into the world of Ayahuasca, the plant doctors and the uniquely rich and vibrant culture of the Shipibo tribe.


They were drawn to the Jungle and plant medicine partly by curiosity and their adventurous spirits but also because of a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the pressures of living in the modern western world, with a growing awareness of the destructive practices of "business as usual." Although they wanted to maintain a lifestyle that would be accepted as good and successful by society, they saw how modern business practices were unsustainable to the environment and conflicted with their values. They were frustrated with the profound sense of disconnection with nature that they observed  -  a soul sickness that our society fosters resulting in a deep sense of apathy.


The meeting with the Shipibo and the experiences they encountered through Ayahuasca ceremonies rapidly dispelled this sickness of the soul, and with their indigenous heartbeats re-awakened they found themselves filled with respect for our planet, along with a deep feeling of gratitude for the indigenous wisdom that they had received and their relationship with the Shipibo.


The seeds of this encounter have grown and the bonds have strengthened into a strong friendship with firm roots. Following this relationship, the joint vision came about to build a center with the Shipibo that would make the knowledge of Plant Spirit medicine more available to the western world.


It is our intention to be a respectful bridge for people from the western world to explore Shipibo traditions while at the same time preserving, treasuring, and appreciating their culture and ancestral wisdom, honoring their right to self determination, and learning from each other in the process.


Since 2009, we have been working together and that vision has materialized into Ani Shinan where we are very pleased and honored to receive guests since 2012. Since then, many more Swiss friends have joined us to help carry out our vision because they too have come to love and appreciate the Shipibo and their heartwarming work.


Until 2019 we had never marketed Ani Shinan to the public as we kept it for friends, family and people that found out about it from word of mouth. Most of our guests have been from Switzerland.


Recently, we received the call to grow our center and share this unique opportunity to people from all parts of the world. Though we would like to develop our center and expand our impact in the world, preserving the Shipibo culture is still a fundamental value for us and that is why we do not want to overgrow and make a money machine out of Ani Shinan.


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