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Dieta de Bobinsana & Tanti Rao, June 2023


In 2022, I faced a myriad of challenges that tested me both professionally and personally. It was during three enlightening cacao ceremonies that the seed of change was planted, leading me to explore profound shifts in my professional direction and to address various personal issues.


This initial foray into the world of powerful plants and the camaraderie of those who revered them paved my way. I sampled the immense force of Ayahuasca for the first time in a ceremony. After a period of reflective thought, I decided to embark on a two-month master plant dieta in Anishinan in Peru.


Leaving behind a six-year career and the company I had built, I felt a sense of liberation upon arriving in Pucallpa in May 2023. Julio warmly welcomed me, and with each mile that separated us from the airport, I found myself delving deeper into a new world, transitioning to an altered state of consciousness. The hospitality I received in Anishinan was incredibly heartfelt, the natural beauty breathtaking, and the palpable energy of the surrounding wilderness was truly inspiring.


Under the guidance of mama Mika and papa Horacio, I committed to dieting two master plants. Bobinsana was the first, chosen for its healing properties, which promised physical healing (from an MS diagnosis in 2014), self-love, confidence, and compassion. Bobinsana surpassed its promises, liberating my heart and healing my body and mind, even unlocking my creativity to pen the first draft of a children's book and to paint with the uninhibited joy of my youth. My second guide, Tanti Rao, was no less impactful. Alongside my newfound allies, the frog and the owl, Tanti Rao instructed me in managing self-aggression, attaining self-peace even amidst turmoil. With Tanti Rao I also found contentment in simply being.


My gratitude to the teacher plants, the sacred Ayahuasca and my power animal is boundless, for they facilitated a transformation I could scarcely imagine. The wisdom and care of the shamans, mama Mika and papa Horacio, with their endless dedication and unmatched empathy, were instrumental in this metamorphosis.


The work was demanding and the journey immense. Yet, it is clear that my journey is far from complete. There remains so much more to unearth and understand. With each passing day, new lessons emerge, and the path of discovery continues to unfold with the promise of further growth and enlightenment.



Dieta de Ayahuasca, December 2022


Ani Shinan is a magical place in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. The food and accomodation are simple, that made it easier to focus on myself. All the ceremonies are accompanied by experienced shamans, which helped me to commit to it. When leaving the place, I felt that I achieved something and started to walk on a path, which brings me closer to myself. If you want to have another perspective onto yourself, I deeply recommend to visit Ani Shinan.

Dieta de Ayahuasca, July 2022


My time at Ani Shinan was a beautiful love filled rollercoaster. My initial thoughts on working with Ayahuasca were filled with fear and uncertainty. But, I also knew (I don't know how I knew) that this was something that I needed to do and explore. On arrival, the fear slowly shifted to a sense of purpose and with that came some calm.

I completed a relatively short stay of 8 ceremonies over two weeks. It was a profound experience where I worked deeply with fears, grief, sadness, joy, bliss, ecstasy and fun. I laughed (and cried alot). I confronted parts of myself that I wasn't really able to do before.

This left me feeling incrediblely vulnerable but I think this is where I was then able to confront elements of my self that needed exploration. I was also confronted with parts of myself that need to change and need further work. This isn't a silver bullet - instead it feels more like the start of more meaningful and targeted work that can hopefully change my relationship with myself and those I love and care about.

It was not easy! In fact, I think it was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. The love and care that was shown from the facilitators, shamans and other participants was a key part in being able to explore and navigate the hard times and to celebrate the fun and light times. The respect for the medicine and the process never waivered.

Ani Shinan fosters independence and self responsibility but also provides space for sharing deep vulnerability. It was a perfect balance which allowed me to feel strong and capable but also supported and cared for.

I would highly recommend Ani Shinan to anyone who feels they want to work with Ayahuasca. You don't really need to feel ready - because I am not sure if that feeling was ever present in me - but if you are wanting to challenge yourself and to experience something profound - do it!

Dieta de Ayahuasca, August 2022


Before going to Ani Shinan I had gained some experience with the plant and with diets. I was quite excited to see the place where everything started. We arrived late on a Monday evening in Pucallpa. The first night we stayed in a hotel in Pucallpa and the next day Julio drove us to Ani Shinan. We had a friendly welcome, and everything was already prepared for us. Westayed 9 days and had 5 Ceremonies during our stay. The thirdceremony on a Friday night was the most intense and challenging experience I had so far. During the ceremony, I was able to feel in my whole body the intense energy of the jungle, at the same time I saw how the spiritual world merges with the physical world. Everything in the physical world has a spirit. Simultaneously, I was able to re-experience memories of my past, feel the intense presence and see pictures of my near future. All these teachings happened at the same time, and it was very challenging to handle so much energy and the teacher plants were quite demanding. After the ceremony I was exhausted and confused. Nevertheless, the next couple of days I was able to integrate these teachings and I felt a profound gratitude for this wisdom. After being several years on this path of self-awareness this was the most intense spiritual experience I ever had! Thank you, gracias, danke, irake!


Dieta de Ayahuasca, June 2022
Victor & Leonie


Anishinan - an adventure in itself!

Just grateful for the unforgettable, educational and healing time in the jungle. Grateful for the nights in the Tambo, in the middle of nature, surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna. Grateful for the insight into the life of the natives, the magical ceremonies with the shamans and their kindness of heart. Grateful for the loving care and precious conversations with Jolanda, Mo and Om. Grateful for the meals prepared with love by Ruty. Grateful for the respectful treatment of nature and the valuable permaculture. Grateful for the positive Pachamama vibes. Thank you for everything - you're magic!


Ani Shinan is a place where we found a deeply connection to mother nature and a break from all the noise in everyday life, calmed down in the direct surroundings of the jungle and learned so much about ourselves. We felt warmly welcomed and met beatiful people, who eventually became friends. We would love to come back anytime. 

Much love from Viktor and Leonie



Dieta de Ayahuasca, April 2022



After suffering from the same terrible nightmare every night for over 15 years, I decided to find new ways to finally find peace at night. Through a friend I found Ani Shinan and decided to fly to Peru to spend a week with the Shipibo shamans. I have two kids and couldn’t stay for longer.


I arrived with mixed feelings and no experience at all. What I found was a loving and supporting community that changed my life forever. The path was rough, straightforward but always plastered with love. I learned more about myself in a week, than in my whole life before combined. This week was the beginning of my journey working with the miraculous healing power of the master plants.


P.S: I never had a nightmare again.


Dieta de Ayahuasca, April 2022



When looking for a genuine and sustainable ayahuasca retreat, your search is over! Upon arriving at Ani Shinan, you're welcomed with open arms and I immediately felt on my place, also that I made the right choice out of all the retreats you can find online.


You find yourself surrounded by the jungle but still with plenty of the everyday commodities, we nowadays rely on, shower and toilet, a good bed in your private Tambo and a kitchen that serves the best food, within the dieta of course. The shamans are the loveliest you will ever find and are very approachable, Jolanda, the facilitator, is herself very experienced and responds with all the kindness on all the questions you can ask her. If your stay is for a week or for 3 months this is the place to be in Pucallpa.


Dieta de Ayahuasca, April 2022

Victor & Fabian


Very spontaneously (2 days in advance) we were allowed to make a stopover for six nights at Ani Shinan on our motorcycle trip around South America. All very flexible and an extremely warm welcome, on the part of Shipibos, management and also from the guests. In total we were able to participate in three impressive and unforgettable ceremonies with the three experienced shamans Horacio, Francisco and Isabella. Overwhelming. Even if the food initially appears to take some time to get used to, after the first ceremony at the latest, there is a complete understanding of it. 

The whole stay is characterized by helpfulness, friendliness, understanding and cordiality. Even if the work is up to you, you are supported from all sides. The shamans are always very accessible, communicative and happy to share their knowledge outside the ceremonies. A special thanks also goes to Mo and Om, who, besides devoted work in the garden, take care of guided yoga and meditation and thus create a central prerequisite for the ceremonies. Many thanks to all!

Dieta de Limón Caspi, February 2022



The journey started with the insight of the main quality of the lemon tree and that is the pure energy of the sun. The Egyptian gods of the sun greeted me directly and flooded me with golden light, especially with an enormous beam of light into my heart. This reminded me of the movie "the fifth element" (The fifth Element, Space Opera from 1997).


I was allowed to experience all the stages of growth of the lemon tree. All phases of development from the core to the sprout, to the small plant with a small root, to the small tree with longer roots to the big rooted tree. The growth and awakening of the flowers on the tree, the growth of the lemon fruit to the decay when the fruit falls to the ground to serve as food and fertilizer for the soil. The whole cycle of life of the lemon tree. Thus, not only were the beautiful things of life present but there were also austere and intense days of contemplation and transformation of negative (sour) tastes. 


The lemon tree works wonderfully with all other trees. It has the task of keeping the soil alkaline or in balance and also the balance of the energies of all the trees on the land. With the start of this tree-dieta, I learnt a new language. I call it "limonic". Ikaros originate from Middle Earth and are millions of years old. They speak directly to the heart and to all chakras.


I was allowed to experience that the lemon tree is THE symbol of life and fertility, vitality and permanence. Lemons are the symbol of life and death.


The lemon tree is a magical tree to invoke good energies and remove bad vibrations. Lemon trees dispel negative thoughts, bad moods and they block negative energies. You can also say the lemon is an absorber of bad energy and protects from evil. Love and abundance are attracted and they help to achieve peace. The moon and water are the allies of the lemon.


The lemon juice protects the body, soul and spirit; cleanses bad vibrations and calms the mind. The leaves of the lemon tree increase stamina and energy and contribute to sleep well. I tried this wonderfully when I brewed tea with the leaves of the lemon tree.


Lemon water (lemon juice in water) I took almost every day, which boosted my metabolism tremendously. A wonderful feeling. Lemon water is alkaline and thus has a very positive effect on the acid-base balance. The whole body and organs are cleansed and the acid-base balance is restored optimally.


Other aspects:

Love and fertility, antiseptic, detoxification.

Stimulation for digestion and cleansing for the intestines.

Purifying, refreshing and clarifying effect.

Energizing, remineralizing for the body and strengthening for bones and cartilage.

Vitamin bomb: vitamin B1, B2,B*, beta-carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, manganese, phosphorus, iron, nickel, copper, selenium.


Symbolism: yellow lemon = new beginning, green lemon = preparation for new beginning. BUT do not eat unripe fruits! In this case you can eat only yellow lemons. Green fruits are not (yet) balanced with nutrients.


I was carried, protected and supported with a lot of love during my dieta time. This not only from Mama Lemon (the lemon tree spirit) but also from all the shamans. The Lemon Tree Dieta was a journey into an unknown tree world and the gifts for it were and are hard to describe - simply magical and beautiful!


THANK YOU Mama Lemon!

THANK YOU Ani Shinan!



In great admiration and love

Dieta de Capirona, December 2021

My dieta with Capirona, what can I say, Wow!


Capirona Tree is the beauty queen, the body healer and the energetic shield all in one tree. She has taught me to embrace and honor, respect and live my own beauty - be it internal or external. She flowed through my body and still does, healing energetic as well as physical traumas. My body became more supple, pain free and just feels amazing.


Through the dieta, as smooth as its stem, a protective shell has formed around my body and mind, which allows negative energies to bounce off me. "Heavier" energies I see and feel and can ponder their meaning but they can no longer stick with me.


The dieta with Capirona was beautiful, transformative and healing. I am incredibly grateful to this tree spirit for its healing power and this beautiful, educational time on AniShinan. 


Irake Capirona 

Dieta de Lupuna, October 2021


Shaman Horacio took me to the Lupuna tree on the land. It is a very big tree, the guardian of the jungle I had heard some say. Horacio, pipe in mouth, machete in hand, cut a piece of bark to prepare the medicine for me to drink and connect with the tree spirit. I knew this step would take me deeper into my being and I was scared and reluctant before it started. Three months later, I step out of a diet empowered, happy and with a sense of direction and determination that keeps guiding me.


The opening of the dieta had touched me deeply. Horacio came to my tambo at dawn. We sat down on the wooden floor and chit chatted for a bit. He smoked his pipa. A very simple pipe, small and humble, Horacio’s voice calm and clear. Then he poured a mixture of Lupuna and Tobacco brew into a glass. As I watched and listened to this old man sing his icaro of the tree for me, I could hardly believe how lucky I was. To be given the chance to witness and learn in and from the traditions of the indigenous, in a setting like this. Not unaltered, but still authentic and alive to this day. The shaman’s voice melted into the jungle sounds around us and I could feel the presence of ancient wisdom. This was not just Horacio singing, this was melodies speaking from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. It filled my heart with peace and gratitude.


Lupuna guided me in chapters through the ninety days of diet. He taught me about patience, protection, leadership, strength, calm and creativity. The first weeks were full of gratitude and joy washing over me constantly. In the practical part of the day, I did get triggered in interactions and by my own lack of understanding or compassion for others. But I found a level of honest patience I had not known in me before. It felt like my own energy was so abundant and high, that I had all of it to share with those around me. 


Life on Ani Shinan with its dynamics allowed me to integrate and question sides of me I was surprised to find in the first place. I developed an indestructible sense of protection. Nothing would hurt me, and I defended the values I held high fiercely. As the diet went on, I also reached a level of exhaustion where every time I sat on the mat for ceremony, my body screamed: I need a break!  And every time I got up from the mat after ceremony, my everything screamed: I love this life! And the beauty around me would not stop. Ever. I was in paradise. I saw paradise. In the rawness of life, in the softness of life, in the simplicity of being. 


Maestra Mama Mica taught me continually. Prompting me, explaining to me, laughing with me, caring for all of us, sharing her knowledge, opening knots of confusion with the simplest of words, letting her humor flow into every interaction, working with an inspiring level of devotion. She is a powerful, experienced shaman, sparkling with her lovely energy of a woman young at heart. After the intense weeks spent together, we parted with what feels like a bond of trusting friendship.  


In ceremony I had visions ranging from pure bliss to pure brutality. I learned to accept it all in quiet presence. Many visions brought upon me the urgency to act in order to contribute to the healing process of this world we live in. I felt the plants teaching me, I felt the shamans teaching me, I felt the animals teaching me, I felt the children teaching me, I felt everyone and everything teaching me, in reciprocity. All it takes is attention and awareness. Time became irrelevant, the moment became everything.


Towards the end of the diet I called Lupuna in ceremony. He came jumping around the corner from behind. Happy. Friendly. Full of energy. Showing me the life, the vibrant life, everything is moving, all the time, fast, colorful, in crazy harmony. I was shown the canvas of the present moment. How it is all but a dream and it is all up to us. We can create anything. Always. I dove into creativity. I realized how, when open and connected, there is no need to search for ideas. We can simply open up the channel and let it flow, from the source. 


On Ani Shinan you get the chance to remember. Your true nature, and your connection to nature. It will help you distinguish between what matters to you and what doesn’t, to appreciate what life brings you, and to decide what approach you want to take. And I was reminded of the value of deeply rooted knowledge passed on by the elders, of traditions kept alive in the face of all adversities. The chance to receive their messages, whenever it comes your way, be it on Ani Shinan or elsewhere, is not to be taken for granted, but I believe that it be taken is of utter importance for our societies’ survival in sanity.


Thank you Ani Shinan and all beings present and involved! ♡

Dieta de Lupuna, September 2021



After taking the tree medicine for 3 evenings, I felt the masculine energy rising in me. Lupuna, called "Shono" in the Shipibo language, is the largest tree in the Amazon jungle and is considered the protector of the forest because it towers above the other trees. 


He showed me how to be upright and straightened my spine. Patience and serenity is his medicine and he showed me how to grow deep roots in order to grow stable within myself until I am ready to live my greatness and potential. At the same time he was able to show me which identities I was still holding on to. I hoped to receive validation through these identities because of my lack of trust. This process was profound and it continued well beyond the dieta. It destroyed any romantic notions and ideals and this was very necessary. 


Now I am very grateful to Lupuna, but while in the process I have not understood many of his messages. I had to walk the path, the path of uncertainty and doubt. Ranging from indifference to fear of being nobody. In order to continue on my path, it was indispensable and necessary to take this step so that I could truly become the one who follows his purpose.


The Marosa-Dieta healed my feminine part and with the masculine energy of  Lupuna, I was able to connect these two polarities within me, which now form a whole. The lesson is that I am whole in myself and that the masculine and feminine now form a unity. The gift of this is that I no longer need the validation of women to feel whole.


He taught me about the cycles of life and the cycle of nature. On how important it is to let go sometimes and allow yourself to rest in order to go on with refreshed strength. This is part of the balance.


Doing nothing is a far cry from nothing happening. The rotting fruit that has not been consumed by humans, animals or insects, becomes food for the earth, food for the microorganisms that transform it into carbon to be reabsorbed by the tree. Everything goes through a cycle. I was able to deepen this understanding.


This wonderful giant has taught me to endure uncertainty and doubt. And instead of feeding uncertainty to grow deep roots to my heart and nurture trust. When I can't see or feel something then I strengthen my faith that my inner truth will show itself. I sometimes felt blind and this beautiful giant Shono showed me how to take the next step with my heart.


I was led again and again into humility and into the understanding that I am part of a larger circle. I am a part that has a particular purpose, no more and no less. This dieta taught me that I do not have to make myself either smaller or larger than I am. 


This dieta taught me to keep on walking despite the greatest struggles, pains and obstacles. To endure being tested, trusting that a greater power supports me and knows that I am surrendering myself to service.


Lupuna tested me to the very end to see if I was ready to go to my limits. Old childhood traumas linked with physical symptoms surfaced again. These confronted me with my deep-seated fear of death that I experienced as a child. 


A new energetic quality I received from my new friend Shono is a new form of calmness. Patience and serenity, however, had to be hard won.


The calmness is combined with a new form of confidence about being on the right path.  It is a quality that knows when to wait and when to get into action. Because I am not the most patient person, preferring to take two steps at a time, it is  nice to have this gift integrated now, or to be reminded accordingly should I want to skip something again.


This calmness was evident after the dieta on the way home, even though I was repeatedly challenged and I missed flights due to incidents and yet I still felt a deep calm, serenity and contentment within me.


I am very grateful to my new companion Shono and the Ani Shinan team,

that I was able to work on myself on this land, to experience deep insights and to be able to share this now as a more mature person. 


A dieta is for me like nourishment for the growth of my inner wisdom tree, that keeps growing deeper into the earth and also higher into the sky.


Dieta de Ayahuasca, August 2021



I spent twelve days in the wonderful place in Ani Shinan. During this time I have found a deep trust.  A trust in myself, in nature and in the fact that I am on the right track. In retrospect, I can say that it opened up so much and brought me healing on many levels. The ceremonies were challenging but transformative. I am very grateful for this opportunity to develop. I recommend this place to everyone who wants to experience healing!


Dieta de Ayahuma, July 2021


I did a 90 day Ayahuma diet on Ani Shinan.Wow what an experience!!!

It was a very challenging 3 months, physically and mentally.  Due to an injury and a pre-existing condition, the focus was on healing my body. Ayahuma challenged me and supported me at the same time. I was able to question many issues, clean out old baggage and learn a lot of new things. After these 3 months my physical problems have almost completely disappeared. I feel incredibly powerful, recharged and packed with new knowledge, motivated to apply it and pass it on! Thank you Ayahuma! Thank you AniShinan! Thanks to the whole team!


Dieta de Marosa, May 2021



In the beginning I experienced Marosa as a gentle teacher. She gave me the space to recognize myself.  When I took the Marosa medicine, I felt an energy holding me. It was as if a motherly hand was taking my head in her lap.


In the first ceremony she made me feel my expectations and ignorance. However, I wanted to reject the guilt away from me and project it outward. She taught me to see my inability to laugh about myself and to accept my shadows in order to heal them.


She guided me to different relationships and made me aware of what still needed to be said or what issues were still open. She also showed me that I am on the right path and how to come into acceptance with myself and the world.  Also to feel appreciation towards all that I encounter and towards myself. She explained and showed me how the energy of true love feels. To be in friendship with nature and our environment. How nature gives and can accept. How innocence asks for nothing, but when it is time to give and when it is time to accept. How to open up to other people and to the world without having fear or having expectations of getting feedbacks in order to be validated. To act out on this basis gives a sense of peace and confidence.


This plant works with luminous energy and love and she is very powerful. Although I have done over 150 ceremonies, Marosa blew me away in the 7th ceremony during this dieta. She completely took over. She brought me to the point where I had to give up my control and surrender to her.  I came to those places where I had experienced deep hurting, from external situations that happened to me in the past as well as those that I inflicted on myself. 


After this ceremony, I was now able to practice holding that vulnerability and innocence.  And also how to accept my life and challenging experiences with dignity and personal responsibility. 


Marosa has the ability to show us the connection between everything. And also how we can shift our attitude and energy to serve ourselves and all that is. Working with her has shaped me into a better person. While integrating the work I have done with her, she acts as an echo, reminding me again and again what to do and when to wait with patience.


I am extremely grateful to have walked this path with Marosa, knowing that I have gained the support of a companion and a friend for life. 


I thank Ani Shinan and all those who have helped create this place, making this work with these wonderful plants possible. AHO


Dieta de Bobinsana, May 2021



What can I say about my time at Ani Shinan? 


In one word, Transformational.  


From the moment I was greeted by Julio at the Pucallpa airport, my experience was magical. Everyone I met at Ani Shinan and Peru in general for that matter were helpful, open, generous and kind. The food was fresh and delicious, the hammocks inviting, and the jungle was simply breathtaking. ​


I’d previously had some experience with Ayahuasca but going through the process in that setting surrounded by nature and supported by all of the beautiful Shipibo people was a whole new adventure. I’m still processing everything I learned last month in the jungle but I feel like a new person.  


I left behind a part of me that’s been holding back for years and I’m starting a whole a new life and a brand new adventure. There are many doors to open, I am impatient to begin. Thank you to everyone at Ani Shinan especially Papa Horacio and Gilberto. I look forward to visiting again soon. I know this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful journey.


Dieta de Bobinsana, February 2021



The right time. Is now. 


I have answered the call of my heart and booked six weeks on Ani Shinan. To do a plant diet. Yes I was already in two, three ceremonies... but what I experienced in the jungle surpassed everything! By far. ​


When I arrived, I was told that I had no more light in my heart and my head. This was also true. I was sad and had a lot of pent up emotions inside me. I had a hard time just doing nothing, finding peace. To think nothing. For many years I had been restless inside and I did not feel at home anywhere for a long time. Through the diet with Bobinsana I learned to forgive, to open my heart again, to enjoy moments and to have joy in life.  


After a rather drastic experience, the greatest thing for me was to wiggle my toes the next day. To be alive. To appreciate the time you have here on earth and to be able to recognize and accept yourself as a gift to the world. ​


The whole Ani Shinan team has supported me from the beginning, with lots of love, attention, the best food you can imagine, nice conversations.... 


As well as Marco, who was always available on the phone. Which helped me a lot. Especially because my Spanish is still "work in progress".  


I was able to regain confidence in myself and especially in the people around me. Gilberto led us through each ceremony with love and dedication, as well as clear lines. One is simply accepted as one is. I am a totally different person. And that in "only" six weeks. ​


The stay is not a "walk in the park". But the transformation you go through is greater and more significant than any price. Today I feel confident, at home and my heart is complete for the first time. My glow is back stronger than ever. I have found access to myself and to my life. I was allowed to cry, scream, laugh, sing and dance and really experience miracles. Because I said YES. To life. To being brave.  


With all my heart:

❤ Big thanks! ❤ ​


If you are reading this and are still undecided, I can only say: Have the courage. It is worth it.


Ayahuasca Workshop, October 2019


I arrived with a big bag full of doubts. I did not think there was truth, only infinite interpretations of things. On Ani Shinan, surrounded by the abundant beauty of the land with its plants and animals, the kindness and humor of the shipibos, the healing power of the Shamans with their mesmerizing icaros and the presence of the other participants, I started to feel truth. To feel authenticity. And true connection. 


Ani Shinan is a safe place. It lets you work through your struggles as gently as possible, covering your basics in a comforting way. A healthy way, countering the unhealthy things you might have been through. It is intimate and caring, while still strongly calling on self-reliance and independence. On a spiritual level you are protected by highly professional Shamans and staff. The devotion, energy and personal sacrifice they put into facilitating our process has touched me deeply. 


As powerful and knowing as they are in ceremony, as humane and close to you the Shamans are in between. And when for example during the massages, they chit chat in shipibo language and start giggling, you just have to join in, even though you have no idea if they are laughing because your name sounds funny, because they like your shorts, because someone tripped over the puke bucket last night, or because Marco once ate ice cream and got sick for two weeks. 


To me, Ani Shinan soon became a metaphor for the world and the universe. A practice ground. A school where you learn to teach yourself. Daniela and Marco are subtle, yet skilled and loving shamanic teachers. They mix humor and wisdom effortlessly, creating an atmosphere that is as lovely as they are, easing your process of letting go, regardless of what it is. They are there when you need it, and they are not there when you need that. Arriving, I did not trust their intuition, or anyone’s really. Leaving, I trust theirs as well as my own.


Everything on Ani Shinan is hand-picked. Their values, their ways, their staff, their Shamans, the blanket on your bed - even you are being hand-picked. I feel grateful to have been picked, and at the same time, I’ve come to see that I am a contributor as well. We all are. On their land as much as everywhere. It feels like my whole life has been a preparation leading up to this experience and its revelations, and I am happy that now is now. 


I had prepared for my stay as good as I could. But I had no idea what I was in for. In only ten days, I was beaten to the ground and lifted to heights I had forgotten existed. I cried, I laughed, I choked, I screamed, I stumbled, I rose, I lost my mind, I possibly fainted, I went through pains and shames, disgust and sickness, I found wits and wisdom, saw, forgave, understood, was filled with love, gratitude,  humility and connection… so many things happened. Words cannot cover it. 


They say Ayahuasca rewards you for the effort and respect you give to her. I feel like Abuelita gave me back so much more. As did Nature, the Shamans, Shipibo and Swiss, and as did everyone I’ve come across there and since. Thank you Ani Shinan for holding my hand and letting me see the magic of reality, including myself. What I decide to do with that directs my path to come.

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