Dieta de Bobinsana, February 2021


The right time. Is now. 

I have answered the call of my heart and booked six weeks on Ani Shinan. To do a plant diet. Yes I was already in two, three ceremonies... but what I experienced in the jungle surpassed everything! By far. 

When I arrived, I was told that I had no more light in my heart and my head. This was also true. I was sad and had a lot of pent up emotions inside me. I had a hard time just doing nothing, finding peace. To think nothing. For many years I had been restless inside and I did not feel at home anywhere for a long time. Through the diet with Bobinsana I learned to forgive, to open my heart again, to enjoy moments and to have joy in life. 


After a rather drastic experience, the greatest thing for me was to wiggle my toes the next day. To be alive. To appreciate the time you have here on earth and to be able to recognize and accept yourself as a gift to the world. 

The whole Ani Shinan team has supported me from the beginning, with lots of love, attention, the best food you can imagine, nice conversations.... 

As well as Marco, who was always available on the phone. Which helped me a lot. Especially because my Spanish is still "work in progress". 


I was able to regain confidence in myself and especially in the people around me. Gilberto led us through each ceremony with love and dedication, as well as clear lines. One is simply accepted as one is. I am a totally different person. And that in "only" six weeks. 

The stay is not a "walk in the park". But the transformation you go through is greater and more significant than any price. Today I feel confident, at home and my heart is complete for the first time. My glow is back stronger than ever. I have found access to myself and to my life. I was allowed to cry, scream, laugh, sing and dance and really experience miracles. Because I said YES. To life. To being brave. 


With all my heart:
❤ Big thanks! ❤ 

If you are reading this and are still undecided, I can only say: Have the courage. It is worth it.

Dieta de Bobinsana, May 2021



What can I say about my time at Ani Shinan? 

In one word, Transformational. 


From the moment I was greeted by Julio at the Pucallpa airport, my experience was magical. Everyone I met at Ani Shinan and Peru in general for that matter were helpful, open, generous and kind. The food was fresh and delicious, the hammocks inviting, and the jungle was simply breathtaking. 

I’d previously had some experience with Ayahuasca but going through the process in that setting surrounded by nature and supported by all of the beautiful Shipibo people was a whole new adventure. I’m still processing everything I learned last month in the jungle but I feel like a new person. 


I left behind a part of me that’s been holding back for years and I’m starting a whole a new life and a brand new adventure. There are many doors to open, I am impatient to begin. Thank you to everyone at Ani Shinan especially Papa Horacio and Gilberto. I look forward to visiting again soon. I know this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful journey.

Dieta de Marosa, June 2021


10 days Aya Dieta, August 2021


I spent twelve days in the wonderful place in Ani Shinan. During this time I have found a deep trust.  A trust in myself, in nature and in the fact that I am on the right track. In retrospect, I can say that it opened up so much and brought me healing on many levels. The ceremonies were challenging but transformative. I am very grateful for this opportunity to develop. I recommend this place to everyone who wants to experience healing!