I arrived with a big bag full of doubts. I did not think there was truth, only infinite interpretations of things. On Ani Shinan, surrounded by the abundant beauty of the land with its plants and animals, the kindness and humor of the Shipibos, the healing power of the Shamans with their mesmerizing icaros and the presence of the other participants, I started to feel truth. To feel authenticity. And true connection. 


Ani Shinan is a safe place. It lets you work through your struggles as gently as possible, covering your basics in a comforting way. A healthy way, countering the unhealthy things you might have been through. It is intimate and caring, while still strongly calling on self-reliance and independence. On a spiritual level you are protected by highly professional Shamans and staff. The devotion, energy and personal sacrifice they put into facilitating our process has touched me deeply. 

As powerful and knowing as they are in ceremony, as humane and close to you they are in between. And when for example during the massages, they chit chat in shipibo language and start giggling, you just have to join in, even though you have no idea if they are laughing because your name sounds funny, because they like your shorts, because someone tripped over the puke bucket last night, or because Marco once ate ice cream and got sick for two weeks. 

To me, Ani Shinan soon became a metaphor for the world and the universe. A practice ground. A school where you learn to teach yourself. Daniela and Marco are subtle, yet skilled and loving shamanic teachers. They mix humor and wisdom effortlessly, creating an atmosphere that is as lovely as they are, easing your process of letting go, regardless of what it is. They are there when you need it, and they are not there when you need that. Arriving, I did not trust their intuition, or anyone’s really. Leaving, I trust theirs as well as my own.

Everything on Ani Shinan is hand-picked. Their values, their ways, their staff, their Shamans, the blanket on your bed - even you are being hand-picked. I feel grateful to have been picked, and at the same time, I’ve come to see that I am a contributor as well. We all are. On their land as much as everywhere. It feels like my whole life has been a preparation leading up to this experience and its revelations, and I am happy that now is now. 

I had prepared for my stay as good as I could. But holy guacamoly, I had no idea what I was in for. In only 10 days, I was beaten to the ground and lifted to heights I had forgotten existed. I cried, I laughed, I chocked, I screamed, I stumbled, I rose, I lost my mind, I possibly fainted, I went through pains and shames, disgust and sickness, I found wits and wisdom, saw, forgave, understood, was filled with love, gratitude,  humility and connection… so many things happened. Words cannot cover it. 

They say Ayahuasca rewards you for the effort and respect you give to her. I feel like Abuelita gave me back so much more. As did Nature, the Shamans, Shipibo and Swiss, and as did everyone I’ve come across there and since. Thank you Ani Shinan for holding my hand and letting me see the magic of reality, including myself. What I decide to do with that directs my path to come.





The best word to describe my month dieta at Ani Shinan would be intimate. Papa Horacio and family are very special and it is difficult to know if I learned more from the plants or the people or the land. I encourage anyone to take off their shoes and connect with the land. The jungle can assist in your inner journey significantly. Ruti is an angel and she will take care of cooking, laundry and basic communications. I really enjoyed the overall freedom in this diet to the amount of food and the plant I was to diet. I found that taking little food or smoothie in the morning and fasting/sweating during the day was the best way to sensitize. The story of Ani Shinan is a special one. One that has created a very open, free and intimate interaction with the shamans. The lightness of the people definitely teaches and helps through the difficult times in the dieta. The experience is so pure and what happens at Ani Shinan cannot be quantified in dollars. It seems to me the perfect place for dietas and deep inner work. 





It was this great thought of the one great spirit that called me deep into the jungle of South America.

There, secluded from civilization, media and mobile radio waves, I was carefully and lovingly accompanied by Shipibo Shamans through a 90 day teacher tree Dieta. Lupuna, a beautiful tree creature with huge roots, very hard bark but gentle core, led me through a journey into my innermost being, where reality and surreality merged together. In sacred symbiosis, Ayahuasca dissolved all duality and created a period of clarity in which fears could be calmly analyzed, accepted and healed. Through this process of acceptance and letting go, an increasing power grew within me, nourished by humility and gratitude, and unfolded step by step as a warrior spirit.
Back in the Jungel of the West, this spirit of peace still vibrates through my veins. A faithful companion who teaches me powerfully and cautiously how to apply this deeply anchored truth holistically in everyday life and how to make it alive from moment to moment.
From the deepest heart room I thank Mother Earth, who keeps me alive with her nectar!
I thank my brothers and sisters who made this breathtaking journey possible!
A big thank you to the shamans and workers who led me again and again to myself!
A big thank you to the plant and animal world, I would like to thank them for their constant guidance and safe protection!


!!! Icha Irake Ani Shinan !!! 





Mainstrieam medicine diagnosis said incurable, physically led to the edge of the bearable, pain day and night, insomnia, inability to move due to paralysis, massive weight loss and multiple food intolerances led me close to a self-abandonment. 

Although I knew deep down that this illness had to be a gift and that only a change of perspective would reveal the solution, I could not bring about a profound solution with the only thing that remained, my intellect, despite an intensive search. I found several really valuable books that enabled me to realize that it would take more than a sharp intellect alone to solve the puzzle.

One day I remembered the words of my late brother-in-law. He told me on his deathbed to try Ayahuasca. However, I thought that drugs could not help me and yet a feeling and desire arose that led me not two weeks later to a Swiss shaman. At the first ceremony, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I heard someone talk about a tree diet. That fascinated me, as I always wanted to achieve a greater connection with nature. I felt an overwhelming interest.  A few days later, after intensive talks with my family and the shaman, I bought a plane ticket to Peru.

Soon I was sitting completely exhausted with pneumonia on a plane on a journey into the unknown. I knew that from a medical point of view the trip was like a suicide mission. The desolate state of health, the exhausting journey, the destination and the length of stay - all simply crazy and irresponsible. In fact, at home I found it even crazier and more irresponsible to just watch chemotherapy eat me up in the face of my daughter, my wife and my parents. I could not stand it. How Neil Young sings so beautifully: It is better to burn out than to fade away. 


I instinctively knew it was the right decision, the jungle and true natural medicine. I didn't want to see pictures of the retreat, nor check its homepage, no research on Ayahuasca, nothing at all. I entered the jungle with a chemically reduced immune system, antibiotics and chemotherapy in my body as well as the greatest respect.

Mosquitoes and many other animals greeted me frenetically. Lovingly I was welcomed and quartered by the local Shipibos. On the same day the master shaman started the tree diet. My choice fell intuitively on the teaching tree Inua Shatan also called Ayahuma (thanks to Bob Dylan: "Blowin' in the wind").

In an environment without the usual influences like electromagnetism, media, telephone, distractions and temptations I quickly found deepest peace of mind, infinite love for the environment and the true nature of my self. Sleep began again, dreams reached me again and the pain faded. The ability to move also increased daily. Intensive care by experienced shamans (partly up to 5 masters), vegan and individually co-ordinated nutrition, clean water, and attentiveness to the plants and animal world carried me step by step away from the known capitalistic, loud and normal environment. The ever-present strong energies of true nature became palpable and tangible again. These were never gone before, they had only been superimposed beyond recognition. 

Inua Shatan, my great teacher tree, introduced me to the understanding of life and death and decoupled my mind from my heart. He taught without restraint and detours, with hard lessons, highly emotional and incredibly fascinating. He picked me up exactly where I stood, pushed me to the limits and sometimes beyond. The feeling of losing one's mind, of not being able to use one's intellect and senses was only the beginning. This was necessary and indispensable in order to recognize the great whole in goodness, love and beauty. 
After the first weeks of purification and pure medicine from the tree, mixed with tobacco, Ayahuasca/Chacruna medicine was added. Ceremony after ceremony, layer after layer, this sacred medicine switches off accumulated feelings, unconscious deposits and mortgages in the subconscious. Accompanied by bliss, deep shakes, indescribable insights, chaotic moments, sadness, joy, visions, healing and the incredible, infinite love for oneself and everything around. "What is madness?" kept me busy for weeks. What is withheld from us if we only adhere to our concepts? Doesn't true beauty, perfection and love for the big picture remain hidden as long as the intellect tries to understand?


Ani Shinan offers a retreat of peculiarity, the possibility of doing nothing, of not thinking, of purification on all levels in combination with traditional herbal medicine and close accompaniment by wise indigenous shamans. This finely tuned concept takes into account our Western nature and allows an integration in the middle of the jungle for all those who face the great challenge and follow true, deep intentions. The professionalism, the balanced nutrition combined with cleansing bath rituals and selective massages, an excellent infrastructure as well as much charity, social contacts to humans and animals and the true intrinsic interests of the owners offer an excellent ambience for a profound understanding of our self, for our reception to love ourselves again.

After a short time the three-month diet was over. My hope for peace of mind was surpassed by far. I no longer feel any signs of my severe illness, physically I am still weak but mentally stronger than ever before. I have recognized at least some of the most important building sites and return to my homeland to implement the findings and strengthen my body again with healthy nutrition and lots of sport. I was given indescribable insights and deep indelible impressions and was allowed to return to my beloved family.

I wish for nothing more than that at least one single person on earth may experience it at once. My search with closed eyes and an open heart was richly rewarded. My deep gratitude and attachment is to 

- Pachamama and her kindness, generosity and unending love

- Inua Shatan as a loving wise teacher and master tree

- Ayahuasca and Chakruna as all-encompassing spiritual teaching, master and medicinal plants

- All plants and life forms for support and direct lessons

- Shipibo Indians for the willingness to preserve the knowledge and to share with me

- Marco & Daniela, Patrick and Christoph as intrinsically motivated founder of ANI SHINAN and protector of this original cultural heritage.

- Sarah my wife and Layla my daughter for the loving, uncompromising support of the long, hard times of illness and the readiness of the deprivations during the healing process.

In love




When I think about Ani Shinan, 2 images and experiences immediately pop into my mind: the jungle and the Shipibo. First time I came into the jungle, I was afraid; nature seemed dangerous and wild; insects, plants and animals seemed to be there just to eat me. I was crying, wondering what I was doing there.


Then I noticed that the natives, the Shipibo, seemed to be very happy. They were playful, strong, brave, full of joy and benevolence towards me. I started to watch them, to listen to their songs and listen to the jungle itself. Little by little, I started to see and hear the jungle differently. Instead of frightful sounds, I started to hear music and harmony; instead of dangerous animals, I started to see and feel living beings with a rhythm and a language: and somehow, I noticed values emerging.


I realized that I could understand them and that I was sharing most of their values, starting with preserving my own life and behaving in a such way that we learn to respect each other, avoid killing or eating each other. A subtle language was emerging: playful, intuitive, intelligent, emotional. And instead of big pieces of wood, the trees became teachers. 


The jungle was no longer a dangerous place: I felt home, I felt good, I felt happy. Patiently, the Shipibo were helping me to remember. Remember who I am and why I came on Earth.


I feel immense gratefulness for their gift and their generosity. They kept this ancient language within their hearts to help us remember.


I will return to Ani Shinan. It is now like a home for my heart and within my heart. Thank you for having made this place possible.





The 2 weeks in Peru are for me one of the most intense days of my life. Ayahuasca brought me to a new level of consciousness and gave me a big leap in my personal development. I had an incredible amount of important insights and now I know where I can tackle challenges at the root. I am so grateful that the locals share this miracle plant with us. It touched me deeply to immerse myself in this culture.





In Ani Shinan you connect and if you are open for it, magic happens!


It’s like if suddenly you grow an umbilical cord that reaches out from you and it connects you to the place, it connects you to the people, it connects you to Pachamama.


Through these connections you will FEEL and FEED your heart and your soul. As a baby matures though the nourishment he/she gets in his mother’s womb, in the same way you will grow, get stronger and heal on Ani Shinan.


You will enter in another dimension, where you will see yourself and the world in a different way. There will be space only for pure love, happiness, kindness, laughter and acceptance.


The moment you leave Ani Shinan you'll have to cut this physical umbilical cord and probably a part of you will long to stay there forever like that baby sheltered in mommy’s womb. But everyone has a duty in his life and we must get out, we must be born or reborn.


This experience will give you the biggest lessons of your life and you'll be able to go back out there with a new heart, a new awareness of yourself and the world surrounding you and new strengths, some intuitions, more motivations and reinvigorated passions. Those are the biggest gifts that Mother Ayahuasca will leave you, so honor them to spread bliss and inspire others.


You have nothing to lose, be open and let the experience of Ani Shinan change your life… and maybe through you also other people’s lives… forever.




"On your own"

I have had the privilege of visiting many beautiful places in the world. But Ani Shinan was my most enriching experience so far and changed my life defenitely for the better. 

Top accommodations and a great cook who is always available and who just reads wishes from your eyes. 

This place is simply magical. 





It is a pleasure for me to report about my experiences on Ani Shinan here now in writing.

Ani Shinan, a place where a lot can happen:

Totally exhausted and completely overworked, I arrived at this beautiful place. Julio picked me up at the hotel in Pucallpa and we drove with the Moto-Taxi to Ani Shinan. It opened my heart when I looked into Julio's smiling face! "Arrived" was the word that came to me and I feelt my tears coming up, out of sheer happiness to be allowed to experience all this!

Love - I was allowed to experience deep love for myself and to preserve it for the people there on this land, who care for it, so that we can experience each other there!

Peace - infinite peace spread in my body and mind, which I now try to integrate into my life ;-) the beautiful trees, animals and plants contributed to bring me into this state. 

Slowness - I watched with interest the natives as they moved slowly. It inspires me to explore the world with this slowness, to listen to my children, to do my work as a therapist. 

Gratitude - I am infinitely grateful to Marco, Daniela, Patrick and the Shipibo for preserving a part of this earth! Thank you for your commitment to make Mother Earth a better place! You are such precious people and it is an honor for me to be with you!

Clarity - about the next steps in my life. Yes, I now allow myself to let go, to divorce my still-married husband in court, to release me on paper as well.

It was an unforgettable time! 

We fasted 10 days with smoothies (thanks to Ruti, who prepared it with a lot of love!), yoga and workouts were on the daily agenda. My body feels pure, clear and light! Wow! Full of power I came out of this place!


I come again - with my children ...




"On your own"

Already when the heartily Julio picked me up in Pucallpa at the agreed meeting point in the Hotel Manish, I felt completely in good hands.


Julio, who takes care of the Jungle Lodge with Ruti, is an angel and always has a hearty laugh in his face. Among other things, he is responsible for the transport of the guests, the shopping and the well-being of the guests. The 1.5-hour drive to the camp was adventurous but very pleasant. On the way to the Jungle even the 2 dear dogs from the camp met us and greeted us warmly.


Arrived in paradise the wonderful Ruti welcomed me. She is responsible for the organization in the camp and prepares with love the food for the guests. I have taken her to my heart from the very beginning. She took wonderful care of me and I miss her very much! She is a beautiful butterfly!


On the same day the two great and cordial shamans were introduced to me. Both welcomed me with great love and I could spend unimaginable times with them during massages, flower baths and especially during ceremonies. Also, the dear helpers lovingly supported and accompanied me.


Ani Shinan is a paradise for body and mind. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with the incredibly large plant Ayahuasca and with these wonderful people. I hope to see you again soon!


Dear greetings and big embrace.




I felt immediately at home on Ani Shinan and soon also like at home.... We were warmly welcomed and lovingly cared for. 
During my stay I was accompanied by Daniela and Marco in the best possible way, so that I was able to get rid of my initial respect quickly and concentrate fully on myself and my personal development. In a few ceremonies I was able to let go, and I was able to experience healing in various areas - be it physical or psychological. It was a wonderful feeling and every day I felt better and stronger. 
Back in everyday life I often think back to the time on Ani Shinan and let the feeling from this time come up again. It gives me strength, serenity, consciousness, strength and contentment... When I think of the time, I am infinitely grateful that I was able to experience Ani Shinan and all the people I met there. I will always carry this time in my heart!

Unfortunately I could only be on Ani Shinan for six days, but every minute I was allowed to spend there was worth it and I would do it again any time!

Christa & Renzo




We lived on Ani Shinan for two weeks. It was an almost indescribable experience for us. In the two weeks we are led back to our roots, back to nature and back to humility and freedom. From day to day we have been more in harmony with the jungle and its rhythms. We felt connected with the Shipibo and their knowledge.


What we have done in these two weeks, have experienced and learned, one can experience and process in today's time in our everyday life only in months and years. We were deeply impressed by the care of the Fischer family, the shamans and all the workers. We have found a new family. With great gratitude we have left Ani Shinan, knowing that we will return. Heartily.





The participation in the workshop on Ani Shinan was a breakthrough for me and my life phase.

The plant and the ceremonies were healing, insightful, gave me the opportunity to let go of many things and purify myself from my over 25 years of asthma medication. Essential for me was the clarity and the next steps of my vocation. I received clear contents and information where to start. It is amazing how the plant works, with which intelligence it touched me. She show me a lot of things I can integrate now.

Ani Shinan makes you feel like you're in a little oasis. Surrounded by forest, the Shipibo Indians and the dreamlike Maloca (where the ceremonies take place), it is the perfect place to relax and to concentrate on one's own process. 

The delicious juices, the fresh food as well as the Ani Shinan team who take care of everyone lovingly round off the all-inclusive package.

In comparison with other camps in Peru, the Tambus are luxurious, with their own washing area, toilet, own hammock and very comfortable mattresses.

I will continue to come to Ani Shinan in the future, it is a place where transformation takes place.

Many thanks.



"On your own"

I can't thank you enough for everything you did!


Here some words to describe my experience with Ayahuasca which begun with an unexpected journey to Peru. A friend (called A.) was travelling though South America for 1 year and another friend (S.) asked me to join her on a trip to visit A. Reluctant at the beginning as I'm already travelling so much for my job I decided anyways to go on this holiday after Christmas but we didn't know where yet as A.'s plans were not fix. We told her that she had to make up her mind about where to meet us as we had to by our flights, so she told us: "PERU" and we got the tickets to Lima.


This is only to explain that this journey was really a coincidence... or maybe not :)


2 days before departure on our holiday's WhatsApp chat A. told us that she met someone along the way that did Ayahuasca and she wanted to do it.


S. was super excited too and they were determined to do it. I told them that there was no way to convince me and that I would have been happy to go on my own in the north of Peru to have some surfing lessons, meet new people and party a lot as that was my main goal at that time.


During the first part of the holiday they didn't stop talking about it and as I considered Ayahuasca a drug I was a bit annoyed about those discussions. When I heard S. saying that Patrick was talking about "the medicine" I was laughing a bit and thinking to myself "How can a hallucinogen be a medicine? It must be something they say to justify that they are taking drugs it with a good conscious". But the jungle part intrigued me, as I have always loved nature, so after days of hearing about Ayahuasca I thought that I might at least read about it a bit before discard the option. My main concern were brain damages. In my school we had a guy that took some drugs and claimed to be a strawberry and as much as I love strawberries that was not exactly the way I intended to live the rest of my life.


Having established after reading online that Ayahuasca was not creating brain damages I got less annoyed about their talks. One the day S. called Patrick on the loud speaker and after asking him a skeptical question about the "drug-medicine" he told me "When you will go to the jungle your heart will tell you".


What? Wait a minute? My heart will know it? I felt those words entering through my ears and instantly physically reaching my heart.


As I was still in a denial phase I told my friends that I would have gone to the jungle and I would have considered it but deep inside I already knew that I had got a call.


The arrival at Pucallpa airport was perfectly arranged and we met Julio that greeted us with his amazing smile and a contagious laugh. A laugh of a truly happy person, if only a part of the world could laugh the way he does, the whole world would be a better place.


After a night spent in the nice and ecofriendly Manish Hotel we left for the jungle boarding a tuk tuk (or I don’t recall how they call it in Peru). It took us 1- or 2-hours hour to reach Ani Shinan and it was love at first sight: loved the silence of the place, the people smiles, the infrastructure which is so simple but well organized. Mosquito proof!!! Which being always the sucker’s preferred appetizer, main course and desert I appreciated very much! With our poor Spanish, our hands and feet, we were still able to communicate with the Shipibo. Body language goes a long way!


So, we had our first dinner cooked by Ruti, Julio’s wife and an excellent chef and we went to bed. I felt so in peace, the room was cozy, loved the energies there even if at that time I couldn’t really feel so much other than with my 5 senses. I appreciated being pampered by the animal's sounds, some of which were new to me, wondering which animals could produce those sounds and what was their size (to get ready for some encounters :)) so I fell asleep.


The next day I woke up by the sound of my body that I thought reacted promptly to the different food or water of the jungle. I was sure that my friends had the same issue as I almost never have that sort of wake-up calls. Surprisingly I was the only one. Very strange... I found out after from Marco that the jungle was pre-purifying me before the first ceremony. Now it all makes sense, but at that time I just couldn’t explain why the other 2 didn’t have any side effect.


I also loved waking up without a mirror and not having to face my face and curly hair early in the morning. 1 less problem and more time to look inside of myself instead of the outside.


We met Papa Oracio and it doesn’t take much to understand that his small body contains and incredible and powerful soul. After our encounter I told my friends that I felt I could trust him, and I would do the ceremony, but in reality deep inside I already knew it.


I basically spent the day with nausea from the bed, to the hammock, sleeping and reading a book about “habits” and how to change our bad habits, (I was probably already on the right track?)


We were told to come to the Maloca (the big house where the ceremonies are held) at 8pm sharp, as that is when the sun sets and the darkness comes.


When the light goes off and the show begins!!!


We were assigned to a mattress, each of us had a blanket, an ashtray and some Mapacho (the cigarettes used during the ceremonies) and of course a very helpful bucket which you can use as a mug in case you want to redrink your own vomit.


That is what happened to me. Hard to explain, but I had another “call” or “intuition”. I’m not an adept of coprophagy, but as I was feeling sick and drank the water which was destined to rinse the mouth, I had to throw up after 5 minutes. I started thinking what to do and I didn’t want to disturb the ceremony. In the darkness of the Maloca while still thinking what to do, I found myself drinking what I had just puked, like if some sort of outer power was telling me what to do, and I obeyed without questioning it as it was the right thing to do. I found the Icaros of the shamans very loud during the first ceremony, as not much was happening I found the whole thing rather long. Only at the end I saw some shy lights, a precursor of the Ayahuasca effects.


What I felt the day after was a bid discomfort towards my friends. Strange as during the first part of the holiday we didn’t have any single problem. Suddenly, their complaints seemed so redundant and never-ending. Even more so as they didn’t feel the connection with nature and they didn’t stop talking about their wish to get the hell out of the jungle. So, my advice is “choose wisely who you go to the jungle with!”.


Luckily, I had a room on my own where I isolated myself and kept myself busy by reading the book until I finished it... So I went to their Tambo (cabin) and started a conversation thinking immediately to myself “How can you guys put up with yourself like that?". At that time I didn’t grasp this feeling as my attitude towards them changed radically overnight. Even without any vision, Ayahuasca had already an effect on me, but as I was not aware of it I thought that I was maybe a bit nervous because of the lack of food. In any case I tried to avoid them right away and for the rest of a very complicated holiday from then on.


The second ceremony was also without many expectations, I didn’t know if those shy lights were the effect of Ayahuasca or maybe something that really occurred in the physical world. I knew this time that the water they gave me to rinse my mouth was not to be swallowed!


After 20 minutes, even before the shamans started singing, a black and white moving snake without any head nor tail popped up in front of me, taking over all my vision like in a 3D movie, 360° view. WOW! Very soon the black and white was replaced by the most amazing colors, shapes and definition like I had been thrown into the most beautiful screensaver or a kaleidoscope. AMAZING! I had never seen anything like that, the best movie of all times! The vision started becoming more and more intense and I had to breathe so strongly as I felt I was sucked into that reality, like if my body was so much part of those visions that the only way I had to proof to myself that I still had a body was though my breathing. I knew that I didn’t have anything to worry about and enjoyed the show, which lasted 24 hours! More intense during the night and when the sun rose the visions became a bit more blurred and less intense but I still could see pattern in the beautiful nature the jungle offered me.


The next day we had to leave as it was foreseen that we would stay there only 4 days.


It was pouring rain and I didn’t want to leave, not because of the water that came up to our hips but because I felt that I had begun an unfinished business.


We greeted some of the Shipibo and I was crying, grateful to the rain disguising my tears. The rest of the crew kindly helped us to walk on the path that because of the rain had become a river. I couldn’t stop crying and tried to isolate myself from my friends and the rest of the group as much as I could. This was the first of many changes I could notice about myself. I have always been a very social person and I would have never withdrawn from a group to have some solo time. First of numerous changes that changed my life for the better. An incredible journey that lasted 6 months and ended (but who knows? Maybe it's just a break?) with the encounter with myself, exactly 6 months after the first ceremony.


If you will ever go to Ani Shinan you will never forget the people’s smiles, laughs and their big hearts. And I hope that along with those memories your life will change for the better as mine did.

Daniel & Julia



The workshop on Ani Shinan with Daniela, Marco and the Shipibo was wonderful. We had such a great time and the unique opportunity to celebrate our spiritual wedding on this beautiful land. Friends and family arrived and felt at home from day one. The fresh, delicious juices, the daily training and the powerful ceremonies cleaned and strengthened our body and mind.


Daniela and Marco have a great presence and know exactly what it takes to activate their own strength and fire with the help of the plants! Every day we felt our strength even more and our thoughts became silent. We had many insights and got even more clarity about our mission here on earth and our next steps!


It was a fantastic time and we are looking forward to the next time. Aho.

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