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If you landed on our website, you are probably looking for a change. Almost everyone could take Ayahuasca, but we learned from experiences that a certain focus and determination is needed for a successful process. We are looking for Spirit Warrior/ess. So first of all, ask yourself if you are ready for Ani Shinan:

  • Do I still cling to be a victim or am I already a Spirit Warrior/ess in the making?

  • Am I a fun person, can I laugh at myself? Ayahuasca loves humor!

  • Am I willing to learn? Check your levels of self-pity & self-importance vs. humbleness.

  • Do I already see the importance of self-discipline? Your avatar must be strong to hold the energy of the plants. The path to freedom leads through pain. Discipline gives you the wings.

  • Am I ready to take full responsibility for my process? We offer you a top setup, but the work is up to you. 

  • Am I a Nature lover? The jungle can at times be harsh and challenging.

  • Am I ready to face my fears? Just remember this truth: Nature loves courage!

Your being will be challenged by these Teacher Plants/Trees. To sum it up: When the going gets tough, the tough get going... and smile :)

Please make yourself accustomed with the Warrior Archetype energy before coming to our Ayahuasca Warrior Retreat. You will profit tremendously from the work with Ayahuasca and the other Teacher Plants when you prepare your mindset beforehand. You find a lot of material on the internet about this Archetype.

Before booking your stay on Ani Shinan we invest the time to talk to every potential guest individually, because we know that the setting is key for your progress. The more Spirit Warriors we have together in the Maloca, the more everyone will benefit. 

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

The following topics, among others, can also be discussed during our conversation: 

  • Possible psychological and physical diseases

  • Current drug addictions

  • Certain medications


We would love to talk to you. You are just a call away from Ani Shinan!  Contact us via WhatsApp +41 78 759 70 12  (Franziska) or via mail

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