We hope you will feel at home in our paradise!

Let’s remember that we are all guest of Mother Earth and make RESPECT the number 1 rule! Respect for Pachamama, respect for the others, respect for the infrastructure.


Here you will find some information, guidelines & tips to make your and our stay even more enjoyable. Before your departure you will receive the Ani Shinan Guideline e-booklet in electronic form. 



All the water on the land is drinkable as we have a natural reservoir underground. Help yourself!


On days without a ceremony you can specify what you wish to eat for lunch and dinner among the options:

  • Drinking nourishing smoothies

  • Raw vegan

  • Vegan

  • Fasting



Please do not help yourself in the kitchen. This space is reserved for our staff. Should you be hungry or thirsty there are always bananas and hot tea in the comedor that you can help yourself with at any time. We know it might be hard to stick to this rule but it’s about discipline and this will speed up your process.


Every Tambo has a traditional hand shower with a bucket. Near the Maloca there are 3 tropical showers. Please do not pee in those showers as the residual water is stagnating and it will result in a bad smell.


Every Tambo has an eco toilet with wood sawdust available to cover your productions :)



In case you need First Aid please ask Ruti or Julio.


We have some solar lamps, please reload it in the sun during the day.


Our staff is doing HAND laundry. Feel free to give each day 2 pieces to wash and place them in the bucket near the bananas in the comedor. During the rainy season it might be hard for the clothes to dry, so you might have to wait for the sun to get them back.


Please always close the doors when entering or leaving a room.

**Ayahuasca Retreat Peru