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Aya Dieta


There are three different programs that you can follow while at Ani Shinan: Tree Dieta, Aya Dieta and Plant Dieta.

In the Aya diet, you will work with grandmother ayahuasca, that is, without combining it with any other teacher plant or tree. You will get a good impression of where you are in your life. Ani Shinan is the ideal place to enrich your life in a safe, authentic setting. 


You will go to Ani Shinan and you will be there with the Shipibo and any other guests that are there at the same time as you.


There won’t be any «Western» facilitator. Our indigenous community speaks Shipibo and Spanish, and are very good at understanding your needs. Give yourself the chance to dive into their culture and let go of your own societal conditioning. You will live in your own private jungle hut in the rainforest and you will love it!

You will be guided. The Teacher Plants and of course the Shipibo healers, with their deep healing knowledge, will be at your disposal at all times. Before your stay, we will provide you with all the essential information to prepare you for your process


The Aya-Dieta can be booked for a minimum of 2 weeks. During this timeframe, you will participate in 7 ceremonies. It is a good start to initiate profound transformation and get the most out of your stay. Ceremonies always take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

I would be happy to discuss your individual program with you. You can contact me (Marco Fischer) via WhatsApp at +41 78 759 70 12 or via


If you are interested in staying for three weeks (21 nights) or longer, you will go on a Plant Dieta or even a Tree Dieta. 




- 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) led by our Shipibo Shamans

- Lodging and meals at Ani Shinan

- 1 Flower Bath on Wednesday for energetic cleansing

- Tour of Medicinal Plants and Trees of the Jungle

- Shipibo Market (handcrafted souvenirs from the tribe - bring extra cash)

- Daily Massages (except Saturdays and Sundays)

- Laundry service

- Transfers between Pucallpa and Ani Shinan

- 1 Hour Pre-Ani Shinan Call


One night costs $130 in a smaller Tambo, $150 in a big one. The price of a 2 week stay of 12 nights (arrival date is Monday, departure day Saturday) is $1560 USD or $1800 respectively.


You will receive your individual program after you have sent us your landing date/time in Pucallpa and the name of the airline. We also need your departure date/time from Pucallpa. Please send us the dates to as soon as you have booked your flights.

The length of stay will be agreed upon during the Pre-Ani Shinan call and once noted in the individual program, must be adhered to. There is no refund in cases of early departure. The individual program can be extended but not shortened. The full amount must be paid before your stay at Ani Shinan. 



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