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There are many Ayahuasca centers in Peru and throughout the Amazonas. Ayahuasca is not to underestimate so before you book your retreat, make sure you know where you end up and with whom you will be working with.

If you are looking for a small retreat with experienced Shipibo Shamans that gathered their experiences during decades directly from the jungle we will be a really good option for you. We cook and grow the medicines on our land. We're not just about Ayahuasca. During your stay you can use a variety of plant treatments. Do not hesitate to inform the Shipibo about your physical problems. 

The Shipibo live and work on Ani Shinan and there is a family atmosphere. Most of our Shipibo brother and sisters have been working for Ani Shinan for 5 years and they are a well-rehearsed team. 

It is important to us that our Shipibo friends and the land can recover again and again. We are not one of those Ayahuasca factories that have a lot of trouble getting rid of energetic ballast and often squeeze out the Shipibo shamans like lemons. 

The blend of the two cultures resulting from the mix between Swiss quality and Shipibo traditions, will enhable you to live your authentic Ayahuasca experience in a safe environement.

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