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Fair Share

Setting limits and sharing surplus



Nature is abundant in resources, but we must handle them consciously and fairly. We need to celebrate Nature's abundance with respect and accept that it also has its limits. If we take and take without understanding boundaries, we will leave nothing for future generations.


Permaculture's core is to design a process that meets human needs while enhancing ecosystem health for the future. The third ethic in Permaculture complements the previous two by guaranteeing the balance between all living beings. All life needs energy, and it's important that we humans take only what we need while ensuring that all living beings have enough to thrive.


When we collaborate to support each other's physical and non-physical needs, it creates a bond that's emotionally healthy for the community and helps it prosper.

At Kene Bari, we work continuously to bring an impact on the world, using only the resources we need and ensuring that the Earth has enough to thrive. We aim to protect the land we work on, share our wisdom, knowledge, and surplus with the people around and on Earth.


Fairshare is about returning to the Earth and redistributing resources among all beings.

At Kene Bari, we take the three ethics of Permaculture seriously and have even taken a step further to ensure future generations live in harmony and abundance. 


We walk together with regenerative actions, which involves giving more to the Earth and people, creating a surplus for the future. Regeneration is a process of restoration and requires putting life at the center of every decision and action. 


We repair the damage caused by humans to nature and ourselves, protect the land, and create abundance for the future's regeneration.

We believe that love and hope can help us recreate harmony on Earth and within ourselves. It all starts with one step and with us. Let's take that step and make a difference.

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