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People Care

Caring for the people of the world

Taking care of the relationships we have in our lives is crucial for learning the true meaning of symbiosis - "living together." It all starts with self-care - the first step towards caring for others. We cannot pour from an empty cup, and it's essential to understand that looking after ourselves is the key to helping others.


For thousands of years, the rainforest has been protected by indigenous communities who have lived in harmony with their surroundings. This lush ecosystem covers approximately 20% of the earth and is home to 80% of all species and plants. The indigenous people's contribution to protecting the rainforest has been immensely valuable and crucial to maintaining the ecosystem's health. As guardians of nature, their role is of immense value. 


For this reason, we find it crucial to support the life and culture of indigenous people.

People play a vital role in nature. However, due to our unconscious behavior, we have created problems around the world. Thankfully, we now know that we can consciously bring solutions to these issues. The solution lies in the wisdom of the indigenous communities, where we can all live in harmony and understand the unconditional love nature provides us. 


We must mimic this love in all our relationships. Acknowledging that we can't do it alone and need each other to thrive is fundamental to this ethic. This way, we will achieve community abundance.


Responsibility and community are two critical elements in bringing care to our world. Caring for each other, our planet, and all living beings has kept life alive. To help life thrive again, we need to integrate responsibility and community, evolving our minds and opening our hearts.


Permaculture aims to cover the five pillars of every human being's life, namely Water, Warmth, Shelter, Food, and Knowledge/Love. By acknowledging these basic needs and designing systems that cover them all, we can ensure a better life for everyone.


At Kene Bari, we focus on developing interrelations in the land and providing basic needs for the living community, guests, and workers. We believe in authentic connections and experiences with the living world around us. Our project also integrates a deep understanding of regenerative practices, whereby people in the land can thrive by participating in the growth of deeply interconnected systems that nurture stability, security, connection, and community. This supportive action inspires individuals to evolve, learn, and reach their full potential.


We must remember that we are all one. Let's join hands and take care of each other and our planet. Only then can we truly thrive.

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