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Spiritual Warrior Recharge Program
Are you on a mission to defend our animal or plant relatives, exposing your life to significant danger? We want to support and honor you and your mission. We invite you to come to us for a cost-free plant diet to build up your strength and protection so that you can return to your mission on the front lines stronger than ever. Write to us about your extraordinary actions at contact@anishinan.org. Based on your story and an interview, we will decide if you qualify for a spot. AHO

Are you looking for a path of self exploration, healing, empowerment and awakening?

You might be ready for a

⇴ Teacher Plant Dieta 

    or even a Master Tree Dieta  



Ani Shinan, which means Great Spirit or great inner strength, is a center for personal evolution located in the Peruvian Amazon, for Spiritual Warriors who want to truly heal themselves and transform their lives. Since 2012, we have welcomed guests from around the world who wish to experience the authentic dieta tradition of teacher trees and other teacher plants, practiced for many generations by the Shipibo people.

Ani Shinan was created to strengthen the Shipibo culture and offer guests the opportunity to learn from them and their knowledge about plant powers. 

Our goal at Ani Shinan is to help people live a happier and healthier life, learn from and preserve the Shipibo culture, keeping their knowledge of the Teacher Trees alive and honor the authentic Path of the Teacher Plants Dietas.


We strive to serve people willing to work with teacher plants, while at the same time preserving nature and the ancient healing traditions of the Shipibo.


Nature loves courage!

At Ani Shinan we view nature as a powerful force that will put you on your authentic path. Nature rewards those that are brave enough to step outside their comfort zone and start on their journey of self exploration… Choose courage!! 

Plant Dieta

Now is the time to answer the call of the jungle medicines, to explore their ancient mysticism, to heal yourself on a physical, emotional and psychological level, and to break out of societal programming, self limiting belief systems, and addictions. Give yourself a chance to face your shadow, find your inner wisdom, and take back your life in our majestic maloca!


We invite you to leave behind your ordinary world and take the journey to our beautiful jungle healing center, a magical location in the rainforest blessed with the purest water, air, and an abundance of natural beauty.


Pre-Ani Shinan Call

It would be my pleasure to plan your individual stay together with you. You can contact me (Marco Fischer) via WhatsApp at +41 78 628 86 19 or via contact@anishinan.org.

The Teacher Trees and Plants, the Shipibo and the Jungle are looking forward to seeing you!


Mucho Amor

Ani Shinan Team

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in US $

Program # 1



4 Ceremonies  per week

Dive deep into the shamanic healing traditions of the Shipibo while dieting a Master Tree for 90 days or longer.


You need at least 90 days for your first Tree Dieta so you can learn to handle the concentrated power of the Teacher Tree.

If you have already successfully completed a 12-week tree diet, you can complete the next tree diet within 60 nights. 

A Tree Dieta is a real test of your virtues. 


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Program # 2


4 Ceremonies  per week

To complete a plant-diet, you must invest at least 21 nights.


This is the minimum duration so that the plant spirit of the selected teacher plant can go into symbiosis with  grandmother Ayahuasca and with you. 

This duration is needed to build up the energetic protection so that the chosen teacher plant can become a lifelong ally on your path. 

Of course, you can do a shamanic Plant Dieta for longer. The general rule for plant-based diets is: the longer, the better.

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Program # 3



4 Ceremonies  per week


This program is suitable for guests who do not want to invest the time to do a tree or plant diet.

However, a minimum stay of 6 nights is required.


During this stay you will learn during 4 ceremonies from the teacher plant Ayahuasca. 

The Shipibo Shamans and our team will help you through the process and will take good care of you.

You will love the authenticity of our little Shipibo village.

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