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6 Simple Ways to Realign with Nature, Prevent Coronavirus, and Many Other Diseases

Coronavirus seems to be the topic of the moment. At the surface it seems to just be a new virus similar to the flu that’s spreading across the world.

In reality, I don’t think anyone really knows what the heck is going on and what information to believe.

On a deeper, more spiritual level, this entire situation is waking us up to address the fact that we haven’t been taking care of ourselves and we have neglected the health of the environment as well.

If there is one thing that Ayahuasca teaches us, it is that balance is essential and at the moment Mother Earth is finding her own way of balancing herself.

She is a living, breathing organism and system. Just like when we are sick and our immune system kicks in to protect ourselves, Mother Earth knows how to cleanse herself when she is starting to feel sick.

Similar to an Ayahuasca dieta, she’s entered a strict regime to detoxify herself from the poisonous chemicals that she has consumed. She’s cleansing herself of the same chemicals that we have consumed and thrown in her rivers and oceans.

She is getting rid of the pollution and making space for new creations. She is going through a massive rebirth.

I believe it is time for humanity to experience a collective rebirth as well. In this time of awakening, we can slow down and think about our own choices and habits.

We can ask ourselves.. What is no longer serving us? What habits and addictions can we let go of?

Through this moment of awakening, we can turn inward and focus on ourselves in order to grow together in the future as one family.

An easy way we can take care of ourselves is by reconnecting and realigning with natural processes instead of keeping the same habits that put us into the situation we are in today.