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The Plant of Love: Lessons from Marosa Plant Dieta Part 1

I am love. We are love.

This is the simple truth that I had learned to surrender to while dieting the Marosa plant in the birthplace of Mother Ayahuasca in the Amazonian lands of Ani Shinan’s (which means Great Spirit in the Shipibo language) healing center located outside of Pucallpa, Peru.

It’s so easy today in society to get caught up in status, material possessions, and power. What I’ve realized is that the power of love will always overcome the love of power.

Love is everything. It’s the reason we’re all here. Each moment is a blessing no matter what difficulties or challenges we are going through.

The experiences I share with you on this page are one of many medicines that I’m here to offer and serve to the world. This is my way of saying, “I love you.”

I want to dive into some of the most essential lessons that the plant Marosa taught me while at Ani Shinan during my first plant dieta in the jungle.

So if you’re ready for an adventure, let’s take a ride into the depths of my subconscious mind.

What is ayahuasca?

First off, if you are new to the world of ayahuasca here’s a little background info (link) about the powerful plant medicine that I believe has been helping humans access higher states of consciousness for centuries and will continue to serve as a powerful tool to wake up humanity collectively.

Ayahuasca is actually a tea that is prepared by brewing together two plants: Banisteriopsis caapi, commonly known as the ayahuasca vine, and Psychotria viridis, also known as the chacruna leaf.

Chacruna is the DMT containing substance which gives you the hallucinations and visions and the ayahuasca vine surprisingly doesn’t contain much DMT, but activates the DMT in the chacruna plant. It’s important to note that both of these plants are essential to the ayahuasca experience.

This mystical brew has been used for centuries by many shamans and indigenous tribes from the Amazon rainforest for spiritual healing.

Mystical, visionary experiences in the middle of the jungle... Sounds interesting, right?

If you feel called by Mother Ayahuasca to experience her healing powers for yourself, here is an article I wrote on how to prepare for your first ceremony.

Understanding what ayahuasca is and how it works is a very important part of understanding the dieta process.

During the dieta of a plant or tree, weekly ayahuasca ceremonies help you deepen your connection with the plant you’re dieting since ayahuasca serves as a mirror and teaches you about the plant spirit that is within you.

What is a dieta?

A dieta is a period of intense cleansing and healing that can be used to cure all types of diseases and illnesses ranging from cancer to psychological problems, addiction, depression, and anxiety.

Plant diets have been used by the Shipibo for ages and are essentially the path that a Shaman takes to become a healer or “curandero” – a person who heals through the power of ayahuasca ceremonially.

Whether you seek to be connected to light energy, heal physical ailments including mental health issues and addictions, connect to your higher self or begin your journey to discovering (and some would say “re-covering”) the healer within you, a plant diet is the natural progression for spiritual warriors who seek to evolve themselves.

The diet begins upon ingesting the master plant or tree that you are dieting. After you start, you must follow a strict plant based diet which excludes sex, masturbation, alcohol, and processed sugar in order to truly experience the effects of the dieta.

The reason for this is that your master plant’s energy has the ability to teach you lessons both while awake and through dreams when you are in a clean state. The diet is closed with a final ayahuasca ceremony. Afterwards, you can slowly return to a diet of normal food.

Through my personal experience, I believe the healing power of ayahuasca truly lies in the dieta process. Before arriving at Ani Shinan, I had already experienced 8 ayahuasca ceremonies in different parts of Brazil, but the physical healing and spiritual insights I received through this process were way deeper than all of my past ceremonies combined.

What is Marosa?

Here’s a little background about Marosa that I learned before I started my dieta.

Marosa is a plant of love. It is prescribed to connect oneself to one’s own feelings and emotions and to open the heart.

It always grows close to the river, therefore it carries the energy of the water.

It carries a special connection with the serpents in the river.

The mother of this plant is the anaconda and it’s common to have visions of a giant anaconda and experience her serpentine energy during ayahuasca ceremonies in the dieta process.

I really didn’t know what to expect in my first dieta, but I was open to what Marosa had to teach me over the course of three weeks.

Embodying Love: Insights from my first 3 nights of the dieta

My Marosa dieta started off with the most intense cleansing that I had ever experienced of my physical, mental, and spiritual body.

My primary intentions going into the dieta were the following:

1. To deepen my connection with myself, the Universe, sacred plants, and nature.

2. To explore my relationship with water, being vulnerable, and expressing myself.

3. To allow Marosa to heal the parts of myself and soul that needed to be healed.

On the first three days of the dieta I had to follow a strict diet of only juices during the day.

At night I had a small ceremony with the shamans where they prepared a hefty mixture of tea made from the Marosa plant and tobacco for me. Once the tea was prepared, they sang the icaro of Marosa to me and I had to gulp down a strong, earthy cup of Marosa and tobacco.

Before drinking this strong liquid concoction, I always focused on being grateful for the healing that Marosa would give me. In my mind, I thought to myself, “Thank you Marosa for cleansing my spirit.” Then, I drank it down, despite the awful taste and went to my tambo (jungle house) to spend the night alone.

I had no idea what to expect that first night. As I laid in my tambo, I could feel the energy of the full moon. There was an ayahuasca ceremony taking place in the maloka and I could feel the intense vibrations radiating from the space.

I was hyper-aware and extremely sensitive to the energy of the rainforest. All night I had an intense fever and chills. It was so difficult to get to sleep, but once the ceremony finished I was able to sleep.

My dreams that night were so vivid, yet it’s strange because I couldn’t remember each detail of them. I just remembered seeing my family in different scenarios, and each time they appeared in my dream I could see them displaying different ways that they communicate love to me and to others.

For example, I saw how my grandma and mom have always been caregivers and trying to keep everyone in my family together. One of my brothers is an assistant principal, and in my dream I saw how he cares for the future of his students at his school through disciplining them and their parents to ensure that they’re learning.

I woke up the next morning thankful to have survived the first night dieting Marosa and the visions she showed me in my dreams at night. Though, I still had a fever and woke up with intense diarrhea, I knew that I could get through this challenge and that the plant spirit of Marosa would teach me so much over the next couple of weeks.

The following two nights were similar, except I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect. I knew I was in for a lot of physical purging. One night I even had to vomit while sitting on the toilet, but afterwards I felt the lightest and happiest I’ve ever been in a long time.

Needless to say, I let go of a lot of shit that night in the jungle ;p

First Three Nights of Dieta

In the first three nights of my dieta, Marosa basically was teaching me all about love. Through dreams she taught me how to embody love. I discovered how to love myself fuller, and also how I can be a little be more caring and kind with the pe